Addiction is a multifaceted condition that is depicted by the consistent use of substances or challenging behaviors. People who have this condition are aware of the adverse consequences. Conventionally, people are more aware of substance addiction than behavioral addiction.

The reason for this is because the prevalence of substance addiction is much higher than behavioral addiction.

For people who have some forms of behavioral addiction, there is always a tendency for them to get better with time.

Addiction affects several aspect of an individual’s life because the consequences are too much. Based on studies, substance addiction and behavioral addiction could have the same root cause.

The action mechanisms in the brain is basically the same thing. Behavioral and substance addiction focuses on the reward system of the brain, and pleasurable feelings are produced.

Substance addiction is basically drug or alcohol addiction. This is a condition whereby the compulsive and obsessive use of alcohol and drug is in constant motion not minding the detrimental effect. Addiction greatly affects the ability of the individual to stop substance abuse.

There are two features that energize substance addiction: Tolerance and dependence.

An individual who exhibits tolerance towards a substance would want to step-up the dosage for the pleasurable effects to be heightened. For dependence, this is when they need the substance to feel normal. So, if the supply is cut, they will undergo withdrawal symptoms.

Just like substance addiction, behavioral addiction is an obsessive condition whereby an individual is reliant on the pleasurable feelings that the behavior induces. So, time and time again, they would act instinctively to activate that behavior.

Someone could be diagnosed to have behavioral addiction if they exhibit inability to control themselves concerning the behavior, irrespective of the detrimental consequences attached to it.

The following are common types of behavioral addiction

  • Food addiction
  • Gambling addiction
  • Internet addiction
  • Love addiction
  • Masturbation and Pornography addiction
  • Sex addiction
  • Video gaming addiction


It is necessary to get familiar with the signs of addiction, so that you can identify if the use of a particular substance or behavior is problematic or not.

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