Addiction is a concept that has been in existence since forever. Some people view addicts as individuals who lacked willpower. However, there is a current claim that addiction is a disease.

Addiction, being a chronic condition, showcases a brain disease that induces the compulsive and obsessive search for substances or act, without minding the dangerous consequences.

So, even though the addicted individual is aware of the harm involved, they will still continue to use it. They are aware that it is bad and they do not want to identify with the addiction persona. This is enough evidence that one of the strong characteristics of addiction, is the lack of ability to stop.

However, looking at the concept of addiction from the disease angle, you will see that it comes with a pattern that is similar to some chronic diseases like diabetes and asthma.

The patients would go through bouts of challenges before the disease is defeated entirely. Just like chronic diseases, addiction can be managed and treated.

Once addiction is in motion, it gives you a life of its own which makes it difficult to control. Addiction is referred to as a disease due to the changes caused in the brain. It creates a physical dependency whereby the person cannot quit taking the substance or performing the act without going through withdrawals.

The individual finds it difficult to make sensible decisions because he or she is controlled by a more powerful force. Even though addiction starts off with a choice, it is equally important to recognize it as a disease.

The reason for this is because in the long-term of their addiction, they continue in their addiction because of the need instead of their personal choice.

Their brain continually requests it and they have to give in to it. Achieving a sober state is very difficult, and the best way to achieve this is to seek help.  If you are addicted, it is advisable to go to a rehab center where you will receive top-notch treatment.

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