Drug addiction is the condition whereby an individual has the compulsive desire to take drugs for the purpose of pleasure. Drug addiction develops over time.

It starts off as an abuse, develops to tolerance and dependence, before it becomes a full-blown addiction. When an individual refrains from drugs for some time, he or she experiences withdrawal symptoms.

Some major factors are responsible for drug addiction such as: Psychological, genetic and environmental factors. They play an essential role in the addiction of an individual to drugs.

Taking a look at psychological factors, people who experience depression and anxiety are more likely to be addicted to drugs.

So, they would take drugs in order for them to get better. In the long run, they will discover that the positive effect is only short-lived. The anxiety or depression problem has the capacity to worsen over time.

Another psychological cause is poor communication skills. People who find it difficult to communicate with other people are more likely to be addicted to drugs. So, in order to further their communication skills, they rely on drugs to get better and face their fears.

In addition to this, people who are faced with poor productivity at work and poor academic performance, would strive to get better with the use of drugs. This is usually based on wrong information from people who are also addicted to drugs.

People who also find it difficult to cope with stress would also be addicted to drugs. The cycle of addiction is vicious one and this is the reason why recovery does not come easily.

The environment where an individual resides is another determining factor for drug addiction. In environments where people abuse drugs, there is a tendency for an individual to get addicted.

Some adults who are addicted started abusing drugs in their teenage years because of the people they had around them.

For the genetics factor, you will notice that there is the prevalence of drug abuse in some families than others.

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