Signs that an individual is addicted to drugs

Many drug addicts exist even around us, and one of the ways to provide help is to start by identifying them. When you know how to spot an addict, it becomes easier to create strategies that will make them accept the help you’re offering.

Some addicts prefer to mask their drug addiction because they don’t want to be stigmatized by society. So, if you’re not too observant, you might not know they are addicted. However, the signs that will be discussed in this article will give them away when you see them.

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Privacy and secrecy

An addicted individual will prefer to have their personal space untampered with. They will not allow anyone to get into their space because of their addiction.

Since most drug addicts don’t want to suffer from stigmatization, they prefer it if no one knew about their addiction. Most times, they will use their drugs in secret without the knowledge of anyone.

Losing interest in other activities

As the addiction gets more intense, they will become less interested in activities that they previously loved. People in their close circle will notice that their friends have stopped participating in their pastimes.

Financial issues

Individuals addicted to drugs are likely to suffer from financial problems. This is because they will make constant sacrifices to avoid running out of supply. Hence, they can go to large extents to borrow money to fuel their addiction.

Physical symptoms

Getting addicted to drugs comes with some symptoms that are visible to the human eye. For instance, you might observe a change in appearance which is different from how you know them.

They can also experience some signs like weight loss/weight gain, insomnia, change in appetite, cravings, constipation, trembling, sweats, etc.


Over time, these signs can worsen if the individual does not seek treatment. If you observe these signs in someone, or you’re experiencing them, it is best to get help from a reputable rehab so that you can get your life back on track.

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